Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are one of my specialties, presenting a full interactive and fun show featuring the full Mr Punch and Judy show with magic and juggling.

Ideal if you're having a seaside themed party, or you want some traditional entertainment at your child's next party. The puppet theatre makes an impressive sight when your guests arrive.

For parties I offer a couple of different options depending on your requirements.

A 30 minute show which is just pure Punch and Judy, action packed from start to finish!

A one hour show with Punch and Judy, magic and juggling (most popular option).

A 90 minute show (two hours with a 30 minute break for the food and cake), featuring the Punch and Judy show, magic and juggling, background music during the food break and games and a balloon model for every child to finish.

I can perform indoors or outdoors, at home or a venue of your choice.

All other occasions are catered for too, such as weddings, christenings, festivals, nursery and primary schools and more.

For more information and to receive a quote please email me with your date, time and location to or call 07779972571

Top Ten Tips for a Great Party!

I thought I would put together a little list of hints and tips to have a great party, many of these you will of course already know, but always worth keeping in mind!

Tip 1. Make the parents clear about the start time of the party to cut down on late comers.

Tip 2. Have the show first before the food, the children will be eager to see the show.

Tip 3. If you are having balloons use them as decorations for the walls but do not have them on the floor, they will of course explode and this can be very upsetting for some children. Also they are too much of a distraction whilst I am performing, helium balloons are not good for the children to be holding while watching the show. A good idea is to tie some balloons at the front of your house or venue so guests can find you easily.

Tip 4. If parents are staying with the children encourage them to sit with their children or to keep quiet at the back or go in a different room for a coffee whilst the show is on. If you have a group of parents at the back of a room chatting away the noise can be incredibly distracting, especially in an echoey hall.

Tip 5. Do not give the children food, drink or any other distractions during the show, I encourage them to join in and clap throughout the show and it can be very difficult to do that with a drink and popcorn in your hands/mouth! Save it for after they will enjoy it more. If you have a buffet, keep it well covered or don't put it out until the show has finished.

Tip 6. I have seen many parents get very stressed whilst organising the food and tables etc, keep calm, relax, plan in advance and keep things simple, if you are having a two hour party my 90 minute show is ideal, I keep the children entertained from start to finish giving you plenty of time to prepare food and enjoy the party.

Tip 7. If you are having a bouncy castle switch it off whilst I am performing, it can go straight back on as soon as I finish.

Tip 8. A follow on from tip 7, if you are having a face painter either have the children's faces painted before or after the show and make sure children remain seated during the performance, likewise with candy floss etc.

Tip 9. Watch the show yourself, often if a child sees the parents enjoying the performance it reassures them and encourages them to join in, especially if a little shy, you might even enjoy it too!

Tip 10. Keep the party shorter rather than longer, as they say less is more! I find two hours or less works best.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.